The Cold Truth About Hardwood Floors in Dry, Desert Climates

When it comes to flooring, hardwood is often seen as the cream of the crop, the bee’s knees, or the cat’s pajamas. As classy, unique, and beautiful as hardwood floors are, they’re also rather difficult to get right, especially in areas with dry climates such as El Paso, Texas. If you’re thinking of replacing your home’s flooring with hardwood, then Casa Carpet and Tile can help. We’ve been serving the Southwest region for years so we know exactly how to help homeowners achieve perfection when it comes to flooring. Keep reading to learn more about maintaining hardwood floors in the Sun City.

Dry, Desert Climates versus Hardwood Flooring

Unlike carpet or tile, wood flooring runs the risk of splitting out in dry climates if it’s not installed correctly. This occurs because of the wood’s ability to absorb and release moisture. In order for your home’s hardwood floors to last as long as possible, it’s necessary to install them correctly. Not doing so can lead to disastrous issues, so make sure you go about the installation process as accurately as possible.

Wooden Floors Act Like Living Organisms

Many wood flooring experts consider wood a living organism and, as such, they treat it as one would treat a living, breathing creature. This may sound bizarre but it’s the proper mindset you should have in mind prior to installing your hardwood floors. The humidity and temperature that surrounds the wood causes it to expand and contract, almost like lungs breathing in oxygen. So, in order to properly install wood flooring in your home, you must make sure the interior’s moisture content is at 6% or below. In order to achieve this, you must run your home’s HVAC in order to circulate the moisture out.If you fail to do so and you install hardwood floors, they will absorb whatever moisture remains in the air and will thus expand. This is what we need to avoid, especially when it comes to installing hardwood floors in the El Paso area. On the other hand, if it ever gets too dry, you can consider purchasing a humidifier in order to maintain a stable humidity level within the room with hardwood floors.

Choose Casa Carpet and Tile, Today!

All in all, it is possible to have beautiful, hardwood floors throughout your El Paso home. Maintaining your floors happy may be a more involved process but it’s worth it when you see the beautiful results. If you have any questions, contact Casa Carpet and Tile today! We’re ready to help.


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