Is Ceramic Tile The Best Flooring Option For Your Home?

The hands of the worker are laying  the ceramic tile on the floor.As far as flooring options go, ceramic tile stands apart as the most beautiful option. It’s also relatively easy to maintain while being durable and tough. In fact, properly installed ceramic tile flooring can last for many decades. But much like any other decision that goes into customizing your home, it’s necessary to understand the drawbacks and positives qualities of ceramic tile. It may be the most beautiful option but does that mean it’s the best option for your living room? No matter what you require, Casa Carpet & Tile stocks a wide variety of flooring options, from ceramic to porcelain and everything in between.

Getting To Know Ceramic Tile

Let’s start off with the positives. Ceramic tile boasts high-quality durability for an affordable price. Homeowners primarily install ceramic tile in their bathrooms and kitchens due to the flooring option’s resistance to damage. Dropping a plate or glass won’t scratch ceramic flooring at all. Not only is it incredibly resilient, ceramic tile is also easy to maintain. This is due to the fact that stains only remain on the surface of the tile, instead of seeping into the tile itself. It’s understandable why this option is so popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Since most ceramic tile is glazed, it is able to resist any water penetration. Furthermore, ceramic tile is able to resist high levels of humidity. Other flooring options simply don’t stack up next to ceramic tile in certain environments, such as a busy kitchen or a humid bathroom. Like many things in life, ceramic tile has its drawbacks.

Understanding the Drawbacks of Ceramic Tile

Whether you’re replacing your home’s flooring or you simply want to experiment with something new, it’s necessary to understand the most prudent drawbacks of ceramic tile. Although their strength is very welcome in high-traffic areas such as your home’s kitchen or entryway, this weight makes ceramic tile a poor choice for room in the second story of your home. This may lead to detrimental issues to your home’s structure, if it isn’t’ able to support the weight. The relative hardness of the tile may also make it an unwelcome option for areas in your home where you might stand for long periods of time. If you’re going for a uniform look in your home, you could always add an area rug to appease your feet and avoid any strain from standing on ceramic tile. If you’re ready to reinvent your home’s flooring, contact Casa Carpet & Tile today!

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