Why Laminate Floors Are the Best for Your Pets

a man installing laminate floors in a home's roomThere are many things to consider when installing new homes in your floor. You want to be sure you choose one that suits your needs. Before hiring someone to completely uproot your current floors and randomly put in another kind, do your research. You’ll probably want different kinds of floors depending on whether or not you have kids or pets. Laminate floors from Casa Carpet and Tile are the way to go if furry and feline friends make up part of your family tree.

Sturdy, Sturdy, Sturdy

You love your animals, but sometimes their claws can be detrimental to your furniture and floors. Laminate floors are coated with a tough melamine coating that makes it resistant to scratches. This way, you can relax knowing your animals can do as they please without damaging your floors.

Easy to Clean

Laminate floors are very easy to clean. Since your dogs and cats are usually potty trained, this normally isn’t an issue. Regardless, accidents tend to happen. Maybe your dog accidentally tipped over his water bowl, or your cat knocked over a flower vase. Not only would these floors protect itself from glass shards, but you wouldn’t have to deal with stains or hard cleaning since the coating resists stains.

Unlike carpet, this kind of flooring can be easily vacuumed. Pet hair and fur won’t have anywhere to get trapped, so it you’ll be able to pick it up rather easily. Even when looking at your floors, guests may have a hard time figuring out you have pets.

Thick Cut Floors

You never know when your german shepherd or Great Dane will come galloping down the hall, their paws beating harshly against the floor. With laminate floors, you have the option to get thicker cut floors to avoid breaks and cracks. This protects it from a large, excited dog or that vase that gets knocked over as they run past your hall table.

Textured or Embossed Finish

One issue with laminate floors is they may be pretty slippery for pets. It’s not uncommon for pets to slide a little as they run down the hall to greet you at the door. One way to avoid this would be to get a textured or embossed finish. Without degrading the quality, this kind of finish will create more traction for your pups, so they don’t slide everywhere they go.

Casa Carpet and Tile is Ready to Help

We love our pets, but sometimes cleaning up after them on carpet or tiled floors can be a pain. Laminate floors make having pets and their messes a much easier task. Casa Carpet can install quality floors to fit your needs. Call us today!

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