Why Tile May Be A Great Option For Your Home

a home's kitchen with beautiful tile Choosing flooring for your new or remodeled home can be quite overwhelming and is a decision that takes some quality time and research to make. Your floor is an investment and you want to pick the right type of flooring for you. It really does depend on the rooms you are looking to floor and what each room is going to be used for. When it comes to your kitchen and bathroom, many suggest placing tile as it is very easy to clean and does not get water damaged. For El Paso homeowners, tile may be a great choice because tile can fit virtually any style of household. At Casa Carpet and Tile, we are readily available to help you make your tile decisions. We have 24 years of experience in the flooring industry. We also have extensive knowledge on the types of flooring you may be interested in.

Why Choose Ceramic or Porcelain Tile?

The great thing about tile flooring is that it can go anywhere in your home due to the large variety of colors and styles available. Some color tones may be great for the bathroom while other color tones may be just right for the kitchen. So why choose this type of flooring for your home? First, ceramic or porcelain tile is very durable and can withstand quite the beating. Not only this, but it can be cleaned very easily and does not stain too bad as well. This makes it an ideal flooring choice for those who have small children, pets, or do many different activities in their home that could result in cleaning up messes.

With tile, water spills in the kitchen and bathroom are no issue, however, it is recommend to pick flooring that has some type of grain or pattern to it so that you do not slip on it if wet. Mudrooms and laundry rooms are also other great places to place this type of flooring. If you have rooms where a lot of foot traffic will go through, adding ceramic or porcelain is great idea because carpet can get stained from the bottom of shoes very easily. Aside from tile being easy to keep clean, it also keeps allergens down in comparison to standard carpet in homes because dust and dander do not get locked in the flooring.

It Will Be Worth It

Tile may be a great choice for your home if you want the ease of cleaning and less stress about what is getting spilled all over your light colored carpet. Although it may be a slightly more expensive flooring option, it will be worth it in the end. It may even increase the value of your home in the future. There are many different flooring installation companies that can come in and place your flooring for you.

Hiring out the work is usually the best way to go so that the job gets done right and in an adequate amount of time. This will save you stress and the hassle of blocking off sections of your home to get the vast project done. If you have any questions about choosing tile as your flooring, please contact Casa Carpet and Tile today. We have all the answers to your flooring questions!

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