Considering Tile? Where Should It Go?

man laying tile with toolsYou are designing your home and you’ve run into the question of flooring. You have done some research but you’re not sure what flooring should go where in your new home! If you are considering tile, you might be asking what rooms are ideal for placing this type of flooring. While tile can essentially go wherever you want it to, there are some suggested areas that are best. If you are in need of tile options in the El Paso area, Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood can help you find the best flooring option for you in their vast showroom.

Yes To These Rooms

Tile is a popular option because of its variety, price point, style, and overall durability. No matter what style your home is, this type of flooring is bound to fit somewhere in your home. Your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and sun room are the best places to put this type of flooring. Why? Consider messes that may be made and how you will clean them up. Spills in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room can be easily cleaned up when tile is your flooring choice. The ease of cleaning is spectacular on this type of flooring. It will save you a lot of time and stress in the future.

No To These Rooms

A few places you shouldn’t place this type of flooring is in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Bedrooms may not be the best place as the flooring can be very cool and not radiate a whole lot of heat into the room. Tile should not be put in a children’s room because it’s just too hard and can cause injury if they were to fall or slip. Aside from injury, children usually use the floor to play and tile isn’t the most comfortable to sit on; not to mention it is also very cold.

It Can Help You Out Every Day

All in all, this flooring option is ideal for kitchen and bathrooms because it’s very durable and can withstand a lot of traffic and damage. As stated before it makes cleaning up messes very easy. This is a feature many people love and appreciate about it.  You never thought you’d say it, but tile can help you every day. From ease of cleaning, to durability, to the market value of your home, this flooring is a great option! Ceramic and porcelain flooring in the home can up the market value of your home in the long run.

Ready For Casa Carpet To Help You?

If you have made the decision to use this type of flooring in your home, stop by Casa Carpet, Tile & Wood to have us help you pick out the right kind, color, and style. We have years of professional experience helping our clients find the right flooring for their home and we are dedicated to helping you do the same. Please call us today for more information on what we have available in our showroom!

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